December 1, 2022

A Road Map On Race In The SBC In Light Of The Phoenix ’17 Alt-Right Resolution

Reaction of Pastor Dwight McKissic to the Initial Rejection of His Resolution to Condemn the Alt-Right by the SBC in 2017

This video is illustrative of the halting steps the SBC has taken toward some of its resolutions on race matters, and of the systemic majority culture mindset that in 2019 (and later) still dominates and rules the Convention. This monocultural mindset often dictates policies, agendas, protocol, practices and resolutions that directly impact other ethnicities both in the Convention and in the U.S. at large, and belies the SBC’s failure to listen adequately to The National African American Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as its failure to proportionately diversify its leadership. This video is not posted to be divisive, but to illustrate the SBC’s current monocultural frame, and point to hard work that must lie ahead to engender a true, biblical multicultural unity within the Convention and its churches. For the sake of the Gospel, may it be so.

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