September 26, 2022

Category - Dr. James Dobson


Dr. James Dobson is the founder of the radio broadcast “Focus on the Family.”  In recent years, Dr. Dobson has heavily promoted anti-refugee and anti-immigrant public policies that foster ideologies of hate, promote white nationalism and build the New Jim Crow.  Due to his powerful influence, his views have played a major role in weaponizing the conservative white evangelical Church in the US, via the ballot box, against refugees, immigrants; minorities and other people groups he chooses to marginalize.  His  constant bombardment of ungrounded individuals with anti-refugee rhetoric is stochastic terrorism.  Stochastic terrorism periodically culminates in hate crimes, including mass-shootings of people of color in the US, such as that which occurred on August 3, 2019 in El Paso, Texas, and resulted in the slaughter of 22 US citizens and the wounding of 24 others.  The following are published examples of Dr. Dobson’s misleading rhetoric.