September 26, 2022

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From White Supremacy to Critical Race Theory to Cultural Marxism, an accurate Racial Equity Glossary is critical to avoiding misunderstandings.  And in many ways, this Glossary also serves as the gateway to a tremendous amount of content on this website!  To find information on a topic, click on its icon below.  Many times, the article or page brought up will contain a substantial number of authoritative sources on the topic, including scholarly studies, expert videos and articles frequently cited by leading subject matter experts in that field.

Racial Equity Glossary Topics Critical to the Understanding of New Jim Crow Theology

While it is worthwhile to click through the Racial Equity Glossary Topics below to see the rich content available, some terms are more important to the full understanding of the nature of New Jim Crow Theology.  Accordingly, if you are interested in the topic of New Jim Crow Theology, we recommend that you click on and read the article “What Are Exegesis and Eisegesis, and Why Is the Difference Important?”, the article What is Critical Race Theory?” and the article “What is Cultural Marxism? and How Is It Related To New Jim Crow Theology?”

The article “What Are Exegesis and Eisegesis, and Why Is the Difference Important?” will inform your thinking about generally-accepted, scholarly Biblical interpretation (Exegesis), and biased interpretation (Eisegesis), which reads one’s personal paradigms and persuasions into the scripture, instead of lifting from scripture what is actually there, in its correct context.  We believe that, based on valid Biblical exegesis of the scriptures most frequently cited by the primary authors of the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel that their analysis of those scriptures constitutes eisegesis, not valid exegesis, and that their hermeneutics is therefore faulty as well.

In addition, the authors of that Statement and other progenitors of today’s New Jim Crow Theology also criticize the use of Critical Race Theory to understand and help remedy racial inequities, believing that (despite their downplaying of racial oppression and legal/social/economic remedies – which were efficacious in 1964) that “the Bible is fully and solely self-sufficient to “remedy racism,” despite the Church’s centuries of and continuing complicity in racial oppression — including by virtue of attacking racial justice efforts in the Church and Critical Race Theory. And indeed, such critics charge that today’s emphasis on racial equity in the Church is dangerous to the Gospel.  Such attacks will only prolong racial sin, racial inequities and the New Jim Crow in the United States of America.  To help engender a fuller understanding of the congruence of Critical Race Theory with the Gospel’s ubiquitous commands regarding the treatment of our neighbors of other ethnicities, click on and read the article “What Is Critical Race Theory?”

And finally, the authors of that Statement and other progenitors of today’s New Jim Crow Theology also apply various logical fallacies to the “Cultural Marxism” hoax, in a vain attempt to hang their theological hat on something that, without careful examination, tends to frighten many citizens of the U.S.   Thus, they use “Cultural Marxism” as a “glittering generality” to inculcate a closed-minded rejection of Critical Race Theory and the racial justice and equity movement within the Church – once again, prolonging racial sin in the Church and society.  Accordingly, to help engender a fuller understanding of the “Cultural Marxism” hoax/logical fallacy, click on and read “What Is Cultural Marxism?  And How Is It Related To New Jim Crow Theology.” 

With those recommendations, please also avail yourself of the wealth of information and data available in the other definitions included in the Racial Equity Glossary – all of which helps “write the book” on the Church’s complicity in today’s New Jim Crow.  We wish you well in your studies!

Our Hope

We hope that this Glossary will serve as a valued go-to resource and “jumping-in” point for scholars, theologians, preachers, teachers, students, small-group leaders, racial equity and community advocates, activists and others interested in racial equity topics. We hope you’ll find many gems to savor and help frame your racial equity study and work!

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