December 1, 2022

Reduce Racial Bias by Intentionally Increasing Contact With Other Races

In a previous post, we showed that increasing commonality between a person of one race and those of another race can increase empathy and decrease racial prejudice. Further, this post provides evidence that increasing contact between persons of different races also can reduce racial bias. Churches provide a plethora of ways to do that. Having joint services with churches of different racial compositions is a good way to increase interracial contact between members. Joint choral presentations, Bible studies, and social events provide other great opportunities. Intentional attendance at churches of different racial compositions is a great way that individual believers can increase their contact with brothers and sisters in Christ of different races, that does not depend upon more formal church-sponsored events.

Of course, making a choice to enroll your children in a school of a different racial composition or a mixed racial composition is a fantastic way to increase your child’s interracial social contacts during their formative years, as is participation in intramural sports, band or other school-sponsored events.

Anything that you can do to increase your or your child’s contact with persons of color will have a positive outcome on empathy for other races, and help to reduce racial prejudice and to promote racial equity.

Racial bias in neural response to others' pain is reduced with other-race contact