September 26, 2022


The African-American Church

Knowledge and familiarity permit accurate perspective taking, and have been proven to help increase empathy and thereby to reduce prejudice. The African-American Church is an essential, honorable and diverse part of the body of Christ. Like the first-century Church, it was birthed in oppression and its diverse denominations and congregations are forever bound together by their common experience of oppression and overcoming through Christ; seminal conditions of which the predominately white Church in the U.S. has little contemporary lived experience, recalling them mostly through liturgy. While this page cannot begin to do it justice, it is hoped it will help foster a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the African-American Church by its white brothers and sisters, and a love for it that results in all things that love is supposed to result in. May it be so.

Church History

Founding Father - Bishop Richard Allen

Scholars and Public Intellectuals

Civil Rights Leaders In The Church